lipu Posterous

jan ale o, toki!

jan ale pi toki pona o, toki! sina kama pona lon ma sitelen ni ;) o kepeken e toki sewi sina tawa ni: o sitelen tawa mi kepeken toki pona.

mi pilin e ni: mi ken toki e ale lon ni. ni li lon la, mi ken toki kepeken toki pona lon ni :)

kin la, mi pilin e ni: jan mute pi toki pona li ken pali e lipu Posterous tawa toki pona sama lipu (lipu ni li pi toki Epelanto). jan ale li pilin e seme? toki mute pi toki pona li pona mute tawa mi :). ni li seme tawa sina?

(and for those who don't understand anything of this post: explains :))

Communication is essential. So we need decent tools when communication is lacking, when language capability is hard to acquire...

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